Long Distance Relationships

How to Celebrate Long Distance Relationship Anniversary?

It’s hard enough to keep a relationship going when you’re both in the same town, let alone when one of you is states away. But don’t give up just yet! Here are some tips on how to celebrate long distance relationship anniversary.

Plan ahead

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the longevity of a relationship, and what better way to do that than by planning ahead? If you’re in a long distance relationship, here are a few tips to make sure your anniversary is extra special.

  • Start planning early. The earlier you start planning, the more likely you are to find good deals on flights and hotels.
  • Choose an activity that you can both enjoy. Whether it’s exploring a new city or going on a romantic hike, make sure the activity fits with your interests as a couple.
  • Make time for each other. Even though you’ll be apart on your anniversary, make sure to set aside some time for Facetime or Skype calls so you can still celebrate together.

A little bit of creativity

It’s hard to be in a long distance relationship. You can’t just run over to your partner’s house when you need a hug or want to watch a movie. But, if you’re creative, there are ways to make your long distance relationship work.

A little bit of creativity

One way to celebrate an anniversary is to find a time when you’re both free and video call each other. You can have a conversation, share some laughs, and even watch TV together. If one of you is cooking dinner, the other can see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Another idea is to use technology to your advantage. Send each other messages during the day or record short videos that you can watch at night. This will help keep the connection alive even when you’re not able to be together physically.

Make the most of your time together

Your anniversary is coming up. Whether you’re celebrating a one-month or one-year milestone, it’s important to make the most of your time together.

Make the most of your time together

Here are four tips for making the most of your celebration:

  • Talk about your long-distance relationship and how you’ve made it work. Celebrate how far you’ve come and what you’ve overcome together.
  • Make a plan for the future. Discuss what you’d like to do in the next year or two to make your relationship stronger.
  • Spend time reminiscing about good times from the past year. Laugh and enjoy each other’s company as you look back on all the happy moments you shared.
  • Create new memories together that will last long after your anniversary is over.

Anniversary ideas for long distance couples

It can be tough to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship, but a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Here are some ideas for celebrating your anniversary, no matter how far apart you are.

Make a video together.

If you can’t be together in person, make a video of yourselves talking about your favorite memories from the past year and why you love each other. Then send it to each other or post it online.

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Write each other letters.

This one is old-school, but it’s still very romantic. Write letters to each other telling all the reasons why you’re glad to be in a relationship with each other. Mail them to each other or put them in a scrapbook for future reference.

Write each other letters.

Exchange gifts remotely

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, sometimes the only way to feel close to your loved one is by exchanging gifts. But what do you do when you can’t be there in person to celebrate your anniversary or birthday? You can still celebrate remotely!

Here are some tips for exchanging gifts with your loved one:

  • Make a list of things that you would like to receive as a gift. This will help your loved one know what to get you.
  • If possible, try to find out what your loved one would like as a gift. This will make it easier for them to pick something out for you.
  • Use online shopping or shipping services to send the gifts directly to each other. This way, you won’t have to worry about them getting lost in the mail or arriving late.

Write a Good Old-Fashioned Love Letter

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Chances are, it’s been a while. But there’s something about receiving a letter in the mail that feels special, especially when it’s written with love. If you’re in a long distance relationship, or if you’re looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary, writing a love letter is the perfect way to show your partner how much you care.

Write a Good Old-Fashioned Love Letter

A handwritten letter is a tangible reminder of your love for each other. It’s something that can be kept and treasured for years to come. Plus, there’s just something special about reading words that were specifically chosen for you. A love letter is the perfect way to remind your partner how much they mean to you, and it’s sure to make their day!

Feed them

In a long-distance relationship? Why not celebrate your anniversary with some delicious food from your partner’s favorite restaurant? Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC, and even Ubereats or Grubhub will let you order food for delivery to your loved one. Just be sure to time it so that the food arrives while you’re on a video call!

Virtual Dinner Date

When my husband and I were dating long distance, we would often celebrate our anniversary with a virtual dinner date. We would cook our favorite dishes and then eat them together over Skype. It was a fun way to feel close to each other, even when we were miles apart.

Virtual Dinner Date

These days, we still enjoy virtual dinner dates. In fact, they’re a great way to celebrate special occasions, like birthdays and holidays. We’ll cook up a storm in our respective kitchens and then take turns describing what we’re eating and how it tastes. It’s a fun way to get a little taste of each other’s lives, even when we’re not able to be together in person.

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Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill has been around for a while now, and people have been using it to celebrate their anniversary. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your partner when you’re long distance. You can watch a movie or TV show together, and it feels like you’re right there with them.

Engage In Deeper Discussions

When it comes to celebrating an anniversary, many couples think that means they need to be in the same place at the same time. But for couples in a long-distance relationship, that’s not always possible.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate their anniversary just as well – if not better – than couples who are together all the time.

them. Engage In Deeper Discussions

In fact, by engaging in deeper discussions and sharing more meaningful memories, long-distance couples can often create a stronger bond than those who are together all the time.

So if you’re in a long-distance relationship and your anniversary is coming up, don’t worry – you can still celebrate just as well as anyone else. Just take some time to really connect with your partner and appreciate all that you’ve shared together over the years.

Create “Open When” Letters

Open when letters are a great way to show your loved one that you are thinking of them, even when you can’t be there in person. They can also help to celebrate an anniversary or any other special occasion, even if you are miles apart.

To create an open when letter, start by deciding what the letter will say. It can be anything from a simple “I love you” to a more detailed account of how you are feeling. Once you have the content down, choose an attractive envelope and write the recipient’s name on the front. If possible, try to find out what color their eyes are and use that color for the envelope liner.

Create "Open When" Letters

Next, decorate the front of the envelope with stickers, washi tape, or any other type of embellishment. You could also draw or write a message on it.

Play a Game

When your partner is away, it can be tough to keep the relationship going. One way to make things a little bit easier is to play a game together. Even if you’re in different states or countries, there are plenty of games that you can enjoy together. Here are some ideas:

  • If you’re both into puzzles, try playing Sudoku or crosswords together. You can either send each other the puzzles you’re working on, or take turns solving them.
  • If you like strategy games, try playing Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride online. These games can be played over long distances without any problems.
  • If you’re into card games, try playing Hearts or Spades online. There are plenty of variations of these games that work well with remote partners.


In conclusion, there are many ways to celebrate a long distance relationship anniversary.

Whether you choose to Skype, call, or write a letter, be sure to personalize the celebration and make it special for your loved one. And don’t forget to enjoy the moment, even if you’re miles apart.

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