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125 Cool Long Distance Relationship Things to Do Together

There are plenty of things to do together when you’re in a long distance relationship. You can enjoy each other’s company by Skype or telephone, or take turns cooking and cleaning so that you can both have some time for yourself.

You can also take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, whether it’s going out for a movie or spending time with friends.

The key is to make the most of the time you do have together, and to cherish the bond that connects you. Here are 125 long distance relationship things to do together:

125 Long Distance Relationship Things to Do Together

  1. Pillow Talk
  2. Talk about your successes throughout the day.
  3. Silly love letters
  4. Take a virtual tour vacation.
  5. Create a Shared Digital Photo Album
  6. Learn new things about each other with 1000 Questions!
  7. Treat Them to Takeout
  8. Sing Karaoke
  9. Watch YouTube & Vimeo together in synchrony!
  10. Send video messages
  11. Screen Sharing
  12. Watch a concert together
  13. Send an E-Kiss
  14. Make an infograph for your relationship!
  15. Create a timeline and predict your future together
  16. Create a Joint Pinterest Account
  17. Send your boyfriend/girlfriend flowers!
  18. Keep a Shared Journal
  19. Apologize for something stupid you did
  20. Share Kitchen Recipes
  21. Create a star map of the night you met
  22. Play a game together
  23. Exercise Together
  24. Be naughty
  25. Send Some Snail Mail
  26. Spend time with your significant other’s family and friends.
  27. Make a Countdown for the Reunion.
  28. Track the weather
  29. Write a letter on Love Letter Day (10th of every month)
  30. Make something
  31. Design something unique
  32. More than words – Create a Song!
  33. (Wax hands)
  34. Send fun coupons
  35. Record a virtual tour of your neighborhood!
  36. Send your scent
  37. Set Reminders
  38. Make a wordsearch!
  39. Write a Virtual Love Note
  40. Truth or Dare?
  41. Get Matching Jewelry
  42. Exchange Scents
  43. Record a story
  44. Read my lips
  45. Set Goals
  46. Write your story
  47. Let’s learn something together.
  48. Try One of Your Partner’s Favorite Activities
  49. Send Small Notes of Appreciation
  50. Surprise Them With a Visit
  51. Snap Some Pics
  52. Be Honest
  53. Have a TV Night Together
  54. Make a card
  55. Go out on a date
  56. Cook and eat together
  57. Listen to music together
  58. Prank them
  59. Save those nice texts 🙂
  60. Create a Personalized Ring Tone
  61. Share a journal
  62. Send a Care Package Just Because
  63. Share an online calendar
  64. Go All Out for Special Occasions
  65. Video chat!
  66. Get competitive with online video games
  67. Share a virtual bulletin board
  68. Say cheese!
  69. Read a book together
  70. Share LDR bracelets
  71. Make a website!
  72. Send a drawing or handwritten message
  73. Share a special ring tone
  74. Play phone games
  75. Get a Mizpah Charm
  76. Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt
  77. Make up your own “love” word
  78. Use their handwriting
  79. Create to-do lists for one another
  80. Make a Countdown
  81. Create your dream home
  82. Make conversation
  83. Help one another out.
  84. Bake yummy cookies!
  85. Send your love on a hunt 🙂
  86. Get married
  87. Play Charades!
  88. Join a virtual world!
  89. Go to an Online Concert Together
  90. Curate a Special Playlist
  91. Make a Photo Album
  92. Write down your feelings on paper.
  93. Form a book club so you can start your reading adventures.
  94. Create a poem from what you observe.
  95. Surf the web together
  96. Design Plans and schedule activities.
  97. Find out what the stars have to say about your relationship
  98. Take a Funny Online Quiz Together
  99. Invest in your future together
  100. Send an e-card!
  101. Make a list
  102. Go on a virtual vacation together
  103. Get scared together!
  104. Send Flowers
  105. Create an email time capsule!
  106. Send a message in a bottle
  107. Create a personal crossword puzzle
  108. Send Voice Memos
  109. Set goals for each other
  110. Track their time zone.
  111. Quiz each other
  112. Go on a Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt
  113. Download Funny e-cards to send
  114. Book a Trip
  115. Get the most from your time together
  116. Virtual Hugs
  117. Take a free class together
  118. For free!
  119. Take an online compatibility test
  120. Call one another
  121. Watch movies or TV shows simultaneously together!
  122. Make them a song
  123. Fun love generators
  124. Write a poem

How do I keep a long distance relationship interesting?

There are a few things you can do to keep a long distance relationship interesting. First, make sure you keep in touch regularly. Send text messages, emails, or make phone calls. You can also try sending each other little presents or cards to show you’re thinking of each other. Another idea is to plan a Skype date. Get dressed up and have a romantic dinner together over the computer. And finally, make sure to visit each other as often as possible.

What a man wants in a long distance relationship?

What a man wants in a long distance relationship

There is no one answer to this question, as every man is different. However, in general, a man in a long-distance relationship may want regular communication, quality time together, and trust. He may also appreciate gestures like sending gifts or flowers, or writing love letters.

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How do you text romantically?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the way you text romantically will vary depending on your relationship with the other person. However, some tips on how to text romantically include being thoughtful and personal in your messages, using emoticons and stickers sparingly, and avoiding too much ambiguity in your texts.

What can I say to make his heart melt?

  • You’re my whole world.
  • I’d be lost without you.
  • Just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you right now.
  • I wish I was in your arms.
  • I love you more than you will ever know.
  • You make my heart beat out of my chest.
  • I’m getting butterflies just thinking about seeing you later.
  • I feel so safe when I’m with you.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many things couples can do together to keep their long-distance relationship strong. By talking often, sharing experiences, and planning get-togethers, couples can make the most of their time apart.

By staying connected and keeping the relationship strong, couples can make a long-distance relationship work. I hope this 125 long distance relationship things to do together gave you a ton of ideas to keep your LDR going!

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